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Sunday, April 20, 2014

ALERT: Book 'The Foundation' Coming Soon

Synopsis of book The Foundation

Julie Henson is finally living the life of her dreams. Following a difficult divorce, she re-marries and is blessed with the addition of a beautiful daughter into the family. Surrounded by close friends and supported by a strong church family, Julie is content to spend the rest of her life in Morganton, NC.

But life doesn’t always proceed according to one’s plans. Unexpectedly her husband is required to find new employment, resulting in a move to coastal Brunswick County, NC, and into a very different lifestyle. Julie’s life abruptly changes from serenity to turmoil as she is faced with social issues, racial conflict involving her son, suspected infidelity of her husband, and uninvited advances from a younger Country Club golf pro.

Sensing cracks developing in the foundations of both her marriage and church life relationships, Julie must choose whether to impulsively flee from Brunswick County or to remain with her husband. And her final decision is complicated by yet another conflict-the arrival of a terrible storm which threatens the very existence of their lives.

(The Foundation is written for reading on a standalone basis or as the sequel to The Neighbor by Robert Moore)

Books can be found at:

Books now placed at these locations:
  • Two Sisters Bookery, Wilmington, N.C. - Books on the shelves.
  • Pomegranate Bookstore, Wilmington, N.C. - Books on the shelves.
  • Pelican Bookstore, Sunset Beach, N.C. - Books on the shelves.
  • Blue Ridge Books, Waynesville, N.C. - Books on the shelves.
  • Island Bookshop, 100 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, N.C. 28428 - Books on shelf
  • Leland Public Library, Leland, N.C.

Special Recognition
Copy placed in Virginia Tech Alumni library, Blacksburg, Va, February, 2013

Book Signings


Virginia Tech Alumnus and Veteran

Robert Moore was born in Appalachia, Virginia, and is a chemical engineering graduate of Virginia Tech. His work experience spanned the chemical, paper, and equipment manufacturing industries, holding management positions at Voith, Scapa plc, and Mead Paper Corporation.

Although experienced as a technical writer, The Neighbor is his first fictional work. While writing the book, Robert took advantage of the extensive travel which was required in his work career.

Read more: Bio

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